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Consumer Solution
Consumer Sales Solution Are you in the direct sales businesses targeting consumers? We have channel marketing solutions that will help you reach your right customers.
Our Solution
eFusion can provide a scalable sales force, skilled in high volume transaction sales targeting towards consumers at all levels. Whatever your needs, product or service, we can:

• Complement your existing sales force.

• Replace your sales force if you are looking for a more cost effective outsourced solution.

• Build a sales team for you that is tailored to suit your product or service be it a high or low involvement product.

Sales Channel
eFusion has a proven track record in award winning SalesForce management for brands and companies.
Our unique sales system means we are accountable for your sales results.

• Lead Generation/Qualification
• Phone Sales

With over 200 trained telesales officers, eFusion has the competence and confidence to deliver results on any scale. Telesales is an important feature of any direct sales campaign top brands all over the world continue to use this channel for direct results.

Events & Roadshows
Our total outsourcing approach means roadshow or event sales is usually a complimentary channel for any direct sales campaign. We deploy people who are trained to be your brand ambassadors to carry your message to the streets. This competence has won us numerous sales awards from top brands and industry leaders.
Face to Face / Door to Door
The lost art of door to door sales is one we do not neglect to deploy. Our total outsourcing approach means we engage the right customers for you In every and any channel.
Measurable Results
Efusion guarantees measurable results. These results are achieved through the number of:

• Sales Achieved

• Lead Generated

• Data Collected

• Database Profiled
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